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                                            OUR OFFER:

- Bathing with conditioner;

 - Aromatic bath;

 - Drying and modeling;

 - Brushing and removing tangles ;

 -  Cutting;

 - Timming;

 - Eye and ear cleaning;

                                         - Cutting claws;

To make an appointment with a dog must first call us to make a reservation or when your pet stays at our hotel select additional services in the contract.

Please do remember about few rules before a visit in the salon, because each visit can be very stressful for the dog. To minimize stress it is good to:

1. Accustom the dog from the puppies age to the basic type treatments, brushing, washing ears, clipping claws;
2. Regularly take care of the dog's coat condition;
3. The day before the visit in the salon the dog should be well brushed and bathed (if service will be performed haircut).

                                       PRICE LIST


small dogs

up to 10 kg

medium dogs

up to 25 kg

large dogs

up to 45 kg

Bathing and drying 40 zl 55 zl 80 zl
Brushing and cutting 60 zl 80 zl 100 zl
Trimming 90 zl 120 zl 150 zl
Cutting claws 15 zl 20 zl 20 zl

Brushing and removing tangles

45 zl/hour 45 zl/hour 45 zl/hour

  When hair- cutting and trimming claws-cutting in the price.



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