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    With several years experience
in working with animals, few years in breeding dogs ,
 and something what we thing it is the most important- love for animals and satisfaction in being with them- have decided to run the hotel for dogs.
     The hotel which will be some kind of guest-house, where dogs will feel like staying at home and like our dogs will be a part of our family.

      Currently, we have to offer a hotel in the house.
In the near future we plan to expand the outside boxes for dogs.
But, because we would like to devote maximum attention
to our guests, we decided to focus our efforts on taking guests at home.
     For Your dogs we also offer pet-grooming: cutting, trimming and bathing. We care for your pet is that: as much as possible to reduce the longing for a dog owner, provide with a large portion of entertainment and fun, so that our ward with joy returned to the owner, but with even greater joy came to us once again.


Our motto is:"The dog is always at the center of our attention".


- day care- "petsitter"- possibility to look after the pet while owners are at work or going for short trips;
- holiday care- possibility to look after the pet for the time of holidays, vacations, weekend trips;
- longer care- possibility to look after the dog for a longer time- above a month;
- pet transport- the pet can be imported and driven back;


Ewa Dabrowska mobile: +48 668 310 543.



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