{thanks }, Wayne. « yields » pourrait être un présent à la 3ème personne The lack of a need for training and pruning makes SOG one of the easiest methods for growing weed. With this system, the upper leaves and branches cast a shadow on the lower sections, meaning that there is always part of the plant that’s not receiving as much light. Reply . The plants will have only been in vegetative state for about two weeks. Joined: Jul 19, 2017 Messages: 52 Likes Received: 12 #1 ZTS, Jul 25, 2017. They’ll call it a total vague question to ask.Actually, yield from a 4×4 grow tent can be anything between 1lb to 2lb(16-30oz). Only upped it slightly at best. Now it is a popular style of growing worldwide. I've been thinking about a SoG. Grams per watt: Over 1 gram/watt! You can do scrog without doing any topping which slows things down. It is very well suited for commercial growers. Sincerely, SOG requires plants to be set side by side. De très nombreux exemples de phrases traduites contenant "yielded" – Dictionnaire français-anglais et moteur de recherche de traductions françaises. In some parts of the world, SoG isn’t as popular as other training techniques because growers have legal limits on how many cannabis plants they can have at any one time. Reactions: dankstyle J, G.Leave and Need4Weed. I stopped off at High Times onmy way to NORML '85 and showed Dean Latimer and John Howell my new book, "Growing Indoors for Fun and Profit" and told hem about Sea of Green. Le rendement sur les euro-obligations égyptiennes a progressé de 120 points depuis le début des démonstrations et se trouvait mardi dernier à sept pourcent. The underlying principle is to grow many smaller plants as opposed to fewer larger plants, thus reducing vegetative growth time and making it easier to completely fill a small space and maximizing light efficiency. You must log in or register to reply here. We ship seeds to the US, AU and many other countries. I'm currently in week 4 of a scrOG grow, but I'm already prepping plants and clones for my next grow by keeping them under the canopy + on my dresser. When the bud room is too full, I take a week off from cloning. I've got a ways to go in the current grow but I'm already thinking about the next one. 2x2 grow tent. Best is to top sativa strains a few days before changing the light cycle to 12/12. I'm actually trying to change my game, which is why I've been lurking here. Just keep in mind that you may need to stake the plants to keep the heavy buds from tipping the plant over! Required fields are marked *. Tex . When grown outdoors, it’s also one of the best outdoor strains for high yield and can produce several pounds per plant. All you really have to do is understand the concept. for the record is seams that some dont know. Id prefer to run an sog, it just seems like it yields alot better for the time you put in. I've been doing it like that for many years. Be it best yield in 4×4 grow tentor 2×2 grow tent, it all comes down to these factors. I get from 10 to 20 g pwr plant . Strains for SOG Growing. With the SOG method, you get more harvests and more marijuana. Sea of Green is a wildly efficient method of growing. SKUNK XL. Sativas can work, but Indicas are generally more fitting. who originated it. I keep around 50 plants in the bud room, and get 7-10 grams each. If you want good weed, listen to people who have been growing for 25+ years. my yield would be the same with 75 plants in a sog or 2 plants in a scrog. Anyhow,all and any knowledge is greatly appreciated . Best is to top sativa strains a few days before changing the light cycle to 12/12. This helps the plant put its focus on the main bud and improve the overall flow of air underneath the canopy. Home › Growing › Sea Of Green (SOG) Marijuana Growing. When you put the plants into flowering stage with a 12/12 light regimen, you can fit more flowering plants into more space. Tags: None. Takeaway: Sea of Green (SOG) is a common indoor growing technique that according to legend was developed in Holland in the 1970s. 4. The yield on Egyptian Eurobonds has risen by 120 basis points since the demonstrations started and peaked at seven per cent last Tuesday. Some of these steps may seem painfully obvious, but you would be surprised. To get started can be fairly cheap for do it yourself'ers, all the way to a couple grand for really nice automated […], If you have the room to raise a lot of clones, then this is the way to go. 2x2 Grow Areas: 4 Plants (1 Plant Per Square Foot) = 2-week vegetation I have two 400s. Oh yeah; PLus Lights and ventilation. For my second grow I plan on maximizing the yield for the space. Im thinking of making another room for veg. Richard Coonan jr. What is the best kind of Hydroponic System to use for the SOG growing? There's tons of information out there. Reactions: Big Sparks, Fredwak, Old Fart and 7 others. Requirements will change depending on the variety and the grow room. Best if you join our forum support.ilovegrowingmarijuana.com where we can discuss this extensively. Okay, so I started this new journal for my S.O.G. Any of regular strains we have in the seed shop would be great for a SOG. Clown Baby Well-Known Member. yield définition, signification, ce qu'est yield: 1. to supply or produce something positive such as a profit, an amount of food or information: 2…. Sea of green is a garden grown from rooted clones taken from the same mother plant(s). In the late 90's, I helped to produce and market the Sea of Green Video, and later, sold the rights to High Times Magazine. He combines years of experience, ranging from small-scale grows to massive operations, with a passion for growing. Thank you! I use MG soil (flower & vegetable), and lately have been using Fox Farms nutes, in 1 gallon nursery cans. Probably need only 1 - 1000w lamp, How about giving credit where credit is due. The 400 addition did not add to the yield like I figured it would. Pull on average about 2-3oz per plant. Light Type and Light Wattage 2. saw a pic above was definatly not a sog. Choose a strain like Bigbomb, 2x2 30 days veg 8 weeks flower two 400 watts two plants 12/12 4 shots of guano tea in flower ph 6.0 strain sour desail 2 oz per plant, 4 weeks of veg isn't really a sOg.. Sog is usually from clones with no veg time. I believe that climate control is the most significant step in cultivating extraordinarily supreme strains. I'm not interested in what people THINK is possible. Although with two plants in a 2x2 tent, you might want to do the mainline if you have the time. The larger buds tasted better and got a muthafuckah way higher. Join Date: Sep 2018; Posts: 1516 #2. The yield is high this year due to regular rain. Another thing I learned when working with Hans, the Master Mind of the Sea of Green, that by growing in this method, we actually condition the plant to give every ounce of energy to the Buds.
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